Three Indiana school corporations are implementing a pilot version of RISE during the 2011-2012 school year.  The successes and challenges of  implementing RISE in the pilot schools will be carefully studied, and important findings will be reported on this site when available.  The pilot year means all Indiana corporations will have access to a teacher  evaluation and development system that has been tested in Indiana schools, rigorously studied, and  refined to best meet the needs of Indiana students, teachers, and principals.

The pilot year will also follow three Indiana corporations that have adopted or developed their own evaluation systems that are different than RISE but meet all of the criteria in Public Law 90.  These school corporations will also be closely studied so that Indiana corporations considering developing their own evaluation systems can  get a better understanding of the work required. To hear interviews with project leaders in those districts and their commentary on major topics, please follow this link.


"In the 21st century, success depends on the smart use of data to drive instruction. Businesses, manufacturers, designers, entrepreneurs and sales people use it—teachers should be no different."

- Stella Turner Royal and David Dean,

Assistant Principal and Principal, Bloomfield Jr./Sr. High School



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