Good training and support is key to implement RISE successfully.  The IDOE plans to support corporations adopting RISE, and is currently in the process of identifying the best methods of providing training support. Check back regularly as we add additional information about training and support.


Below, you will find resources and support forms to help implement RISE.  These documents have been updated to reflect the changes made in RISE 2.0.The RISE system has been updated to reflect feedback received from the Indiana Evaluation Pilot schools. 


Although these refinements will help to make the RISE process better for evaluators and teachers, no substantial changes to the system have been made to the original design.  Therefore, corporations implementing RISE this year will find the system components and weights unchanged and will not have to retrain evaluators or teachers in any way. 



Professional  Practice  Resources

*PLEASE NOTE: Those using a non-modified version of the rubric should download the .PDF version. Those who want to modify the rubric should use the .DOC version and make the changes requested on the cover page.
Download the RISE 2.0 Handbook (.PDF) >>
*Download the Teacher Effectiveness Rubric (.PDF) or (.DOC) >>
Download Observation & Conferencing Forms (.PDF) or (.DOC) >>
Download the Observation Tracker (.XLSX) >>
Download Rating and Scoring Forms (.DOC) >>
Download Professional Development Plan (.DOC) >>
Download Evidence Collection and Scoring of Domains 1 and 3 (.PDF) ) >>


Student  Learning  Resources

Download the Student Learning Objectives Handbook 2.0 (.PDF) >>
Download the Assessment Matrix Template (.XLSX) >>
Download Sample Student Learning Objectives (.PDF) >>
Download the Student Learning Objectives Glossary (.PDF) >>
Download the Content Mastery for State Assessments and Common Corporation Assessments  (.PDF) >>
View the Indiana Course-Aligned Assessment Blueprints (LINK)>>

Download the form(s) for Step 1 - Assessment Approval  (.DOC) >>
Download DOK chart for Step 1 - Depth of Knowledge  (.PDF) >>
Download the form(s) for Step 2 - Identify and Approve Student Starting Points  (.DOC) >>
Download the form(s) for Step 3 - Set Student Learning Objective  (.DOC) >>
Download the form(s) for Step 4 - Mid-Course Check-in (Optional)  (.DOC) >>
Download the form(s) for Step 5 - End-of-Course Review  (.DOC) >>
Download RISE Special Education Guidance (.PDF) >>


Principal  Evaluation  Resources

Download the RISE Principal Evaluation Handbook (PDF)>>
Download the RISE Principal Effectiveness Rubric (.PDF) or (.DOC) >>
Download the RISE Principal Observation Mapping Form (.DOC)>>
Download the RISE Principal Post Observation Form (.DOC) >><;
Download the RISEPrincipal Mid-Year Conference Form (.DOC) >>
Download the RISE Principal Professional Development Form. (.DOC) >>
Download the RISE Principal Summative Rating Form.  (.DOC) >>
RISE Principal Metrics and Summative Scoring guidelines  (.PDF) or (.DOC) >>
RISE Principal Evaluation System allowable modifications  (.PDF)  or (.DOC) >>

Download the RISE Assistant Principal Rubric  (.PDF) or (.DOC) >>